Casino Game: Rasputin Megaways

Analyzing the Rasputin Megaways Slot

In one interpretation, Rasputin was a friend of Nicholas II’s family and a mystic holy man in Russia; in another, he is more known to the general public thanks to a dance song by the British band Boney M. Big Time Gaming used the man’s affinity with disco to inspire the theme of their Rasputin Megaways slot machine.

Rasputin Megaways is a 6-reel slot machine with 2–12 symbols and up to 2,985,984 ways to win, set in what looks like a disco version of Saint Basil’s Cathedral. It has a high variance and a ton of features including expanding wilds, win exchanges, free spins with varying multipliers, reel expansion, and bonus buys. You’re ready to hit the floor running and cash in on the greatest slot bonus around.

Slot Machine Rules & Payouts for Megaways Rasputin

In the grid’s background, Saint Basil’s Cathedral gleams in disco-style presentation. The reels take up the most of the screen, while the balance and win totals are shown just below them.

You may buy the Free Spins for 100 times your wager by clicking the Bonus Buy button, which is located to the right of the grid. The Free Spins feature can be activated at your discretion. You can alter your wager in the space underneath the Bonus Buy button. You may adjust your wager between $0.10 and $12 each spin by pressing the and > buttons, respectively. Your current bet amount is shown in a window above these buttons.

To access the Paytable, click the three-bar button that may be found directly below the Bet settings area. Inside, you’ll find the low-paying Royals from 9 through A, with the best 6-of-a-kind paying up to 0.9 times the wager. These are followed by the green, blue, red, and purple eggs that resemble jewelry and may pay up to 50 times your initial wager for a winning combination. The disco ball Wild and Scatters will also appear, but we’ll get to those in a while.

Finally, the large Play button may be found underneath the smaller three-bar button. Above the reels, the Megaways display will tell you how many ways there are to win on the current spin.

Mobile Devices Supporting the Rasputin Megaways Slot

The Rasputin Megaways slot machine works well on both desktop and mobile platforms. It’s cross-platform mobile fun that requires nothing more than an internet connection. The slot machine works well in both portrait and landscape orientations, demonstrating that it was designed with flexibility in mind. You may play online mobile slots on any mobile device, whether you have an iPhone or an Android-powered tablet.

Rasputin Megaways Slot Machine Original Game

To begin with, there are up to 1,000,000 possible winning combinations in the main game. During the standard game, each of the 6 reels in the grid can have anything from 2 to 10 symbols, and the Wild will considerably increase your chances of hitting the maximum.

When the Wild lands, it will display a random number. How many more symbols will be added to the reels, up to a maximum of 48, is indicated by this number. Once they are factored in, your wins will be calculated, and the Wild will function as usual, substituting for other symbols to create more winning combinations.

Rewards for Playing the Rasputin Megaways Slot Machine

In the Free Spins Bonus, the Wild can add up to 60 more symbols to the board. However, you’ll need three or more Scatters to activate the bonus spins. You may pick between two types of free spins rounds: Ecstasy & Fire and Big & Strong.

If you go with the first option, you’ll be rewarded with 10 Free Games. The Win Multiplier here is Unlimited, starting at 1x like most Megaways slots. Each time the Wild successfully replaces five symbols, it boosts it by 1. When playing the Rasputin Megaways Bonus Round, if you land at least three more Scatters, you will be awarded with additional Free Spins.

If you choose with the second option, you’ll be rewarded with 7 free games and a special Extending Reels feature. Each reel’s current symbol count will carry over to the following spin. In addition, you will be awarded an additional 3+ Free Spins whenever the amount of symbols on any given reel exceeds 12.

From now on, you’ll be able to Gamble any win between 25x and 100x your stake. Free Spins are represented by the green spokes of the wheel. If you’re lucky enough to win one hundred times your wager, you may use that money to buy extra spins.

How Volatile is the Rasputin Megaways Slot Machine?

Even if you employ the Bonus Buy bet, the RTP of the Rasputin Megaways real money slot will not change from its base value of 96.68%. The slot machine is extremely risky, but it also has a maximum payoff of 68,180 times the wager.

With a maximum bet of $12, it means the slot machine has the potential to pay out $818,160. That’s true, even with a moderate maximum wager, you can win a respectable amount of the maximum payoff.

Casino Slot Result: Rasputin Megaways

Big Time Gaming has pleasantly surprised us with Rasputin Megaways, in contrast to its most recent release, which was a bit of a disappointment. The engaging theme, the exciting gameplay, the more than fantastic payoff possibilities, and the extreme volatility make this a slot machine that truly has it all. Any high roller with a penchant for disco and Megaways slots should give it a spin at one of the sites we suggest.

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