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Reviews of the Online Slots at Theatre of Night

Given that NextGen is one of the most successful developers working within the gaming business, it should come as no surprise that the company’s portfolio contains a huge number of slot machines. Even if that wasn’t enough, each of these slot machines has its own unique theme. Because of this, it is only logical that the game’s creator would recycle themes from time to time while creating new slot machines. These motifs won’t just be replicated, as a matter of course; rather, they will undergo major development for future versions. One of these slot games is called Theatre of Night and it was developed by NextGen. The game’s concept is comparable to the one that was utilized in Owl Eyes, which was an earlier release.

Both games take place in an enchanted woodland, which has fireflies that contribute to the overall mystical atmosphere. The only significant difference is that in the online slot game Theatre of Night, the fireflies take on the function of the game’s wild symbols, while in the online slot game Owl Eyes, the fireflies were only there in the background to contribute to the game’s unique effects with their light.

Not only does the Theatre of Night slot come equipped with fascinating visuals, excellent symbol design, and unsurpassed visual effects, but it also comes equipped with an impressive RTP of 96.13%. Because it is a slot game with a medium level of volatility, it will provide you with a good number of reasonable prizes as soon as you activate the special features. Since the game is compatible with many different kinds of hardware, you may play it on whatever device you happen to have lying about and it will work without a hitch. But before you go and do that, you should keep reading so that you can find out all there is to know about the game.

Controls & Setup for the Theatre of the Night Slot

You may play the Theatre of Night slot machine on any device, and regardless of what you use to do so, you will notice that the visuals and effects inside the game are flawless. The fact that the slot game was designed in HTML5 provides you the benefit of being able to enjoy it and its graphics on any screen size, regardless of whether you are using a mobile phone, a tablet, or a desktop computer. You are free to take your gaming on the move provided that the operating system of your mobile device is either iOS or Android. You may even give it a go on your laptop if you want to lounge about on the sofa all day.

c Now that the game is launched, the first thing you will notice is that the reels are see-through. This allows you to have a better view of the backdrop, where the mist has settled in among the trees and the sun is beginning to rise, peeking out from the branches. You’ll see the fireflies twirling and blinking all over the place, and some of the symbols on the reels even have fireflies included as part of their design.

You may access the settings by clicking the button that is located to the right of the reels. When you press it, a window that has two sliders will popup. The first slider controls the 10 paylines, all of which are predetermined and so cannot be altered by the player. The second column lists the face value of the coin. You will notice that the least coin value is 0.01 credits, and the highest coin value is 10 credits, of the 25 coins that you are required to utilize for each spin. This means that every slots player at any online slots site is eligible to play the game with a minimum total wager of 0.25 credits and a maximum total stake of 250 credits.

You may access the paytable by closing the bet setup box and then selecting the “I” button on your keyboard or touch screen. You will find the wild in it, which, if you get a combination of five of a type, will provide you the maximum payout of 750 times your bet. You will note that the Theatre of Night online slot does not feature scatters, but you will not feel that this is a significant disadvantage since the wild will be just as beneficial. The phoenix is the second best-paying symbol, and it will provide you with 400 times your initial wager. The flower and the butterfly will each award you with 150 times your initial wager. The suits of playing cards are the symbols with the lowest payout potential. The club and the spade reward you with 35 times your original bet, while the heart and diamond award you with 50 times your original bet.

You may access the autoplay function by clicking the button that is located to the left of the “I” button. You have the ability to activate up to one hundred autospins from this screen. The last button that you’ll find is called the speaker, and it gives you the option to turn off the game’s noises if you so want or to begin playing with them if you haven’t already.

Bonus Features and Free Spins Can Be Redeemed on the Theatre of Night Slot Machine

In addition to having the largest payout of any symbol, the wild may also take the place of any other symbol, increasing your chances of forming winning combinations. However, there is a catch. If you are not playing during the firefly re-spins free bets casino bonus round, the wild symbol will only display on the center reels of the slot machine. It is necessary for the firefly symbol to appear on the three middle reels in order to activate the re-spins feature.

This is when you will get six firefly re-spins, during which time the third reel will transform into a stacked reel. The stacked reel will remain in place until the end of the firefly re-spins. In addition to this, the game will choose symbols at random from those appearing on the reels and transform them into wilds for the remainder of the re-spins. However, you will not be able to re-trigger the re-spins.

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